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On-Site Milling

This involves bringing our portable sawmill to the customer’s location and milling lumber on site. This can be useful for customers who have logs that are too large or difficult to transport to a traditional sawmill. On-site milling allows the customer to have more control over the lumber they are producing, as they can specify the dimensions and cut they want.

Custom milling

Bring logs to us for custom milling where we will produce lumber to the customer’s specifications. This can be useful for customers who need specific sizes of lumber for their project.

Log retrieval

Let us handle the transportation! We retrieve logs from around Dane county to bring to the mill for processing.

Pre-cut lumber

We offer pre-cut lumber that is ready for use in projects. This can be a convenient option for customers who don’t have their own logs but still want locally sourced lumber. Pre-cut lumber is available in a variety of dimensions and species, and may be rough or finished, depending on the customer’s needs.